TimeSplice is an award winning DSLR multiple camera array to freeze time and move around it!

Consider it the ‘3D effect in a 2D world’.

Director: Mark Toia

Mark Ruff’s multi-camera time-splice system was fantastic to work with and so was he.
Everything went exactly to plan, Marks on-set previews and innovative stabilization and de-flicker programs really helped relax our nervous clients and save thousands in post.
I’ll be back for more.
Mark Toia,  Founder, director Zoom Film & Television.

Mark Ruff of only 4 operators in the world who can supply this effect with 18 years experience:
Film rig in 1999
First to go digital in 2004
Third build, near real time 2015
Last Feature film: Gods of Egypt;
Scroll to 29:15:

Successful assignments in:
United States
Responsible for crew and logistics.


Mark and Kate Ruff are behind the tech, providing a turnkey solution including image stabilisation, keying and retiming of this dynamic effect.

With up to 75 cameras you can achieve 3 seconds of screen duration.
All cameras are externally powered and tethered to multiple computers to provide global camera parameters in seconds.

After a take is shot the images download in less than 1 minute (depending upon capture size) and are positionally stabilised to provide an excellent on set evaluation.

Ther are also 50 inter-camera delays to provide a ‘bullet time’ effect, rather than completely frozen.

Rig time is between 2 – 4 hours, depending on how many cameras are used.
Each camera section is supported by a rail and tripod.
Each camera is 24 Mpx or 6k resolution.


Multiple Plates

You can combine multiple plates of frozen and bullet time to create a motion capture effect;

Horizon Films

“I’ve now directed 5 TVC’s using Mark’s time-splice system and the system continues to improve and develop over time affording more flexibility and creative choice. Mark and his team are a pleasure to work with and our clients have reaped large rewards from the finished jobs”.
Michael Pattinson


360 degree is possible as well as retiming.
Here is an example that has been re-timed from 60 frames to 1080 frames and then speed ramped;

Creator: Mark Ruff


Mark Ruff