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Camera Array

360 Degree

The image to the right has an application for the fashion industry, however, it can apply to most scenes.
It occupies a full 360 degree of coverage for a fully immersing experience.


Also note that this is an 'impossible' shot - it would not be possible to shoot in a train since there is no room for the cameras!


This style of imagery resembles '3D modelling' - a technique creating a model of a subject and manipulating it in 3D space.

The big difference is that TimeSplice captures the real world in 3D!
Subjects such as people, are very difficult to recreate as a computer generated model.

This sample used 60 cameras in a purpose built 360 degree chroma screen camera stage.

The 60 frames are then positionally stabilised, aperture corrected and then turned into 1080 frames.
Next, it is combined with a 2D background and the scene is temporally ramped to provide a smooth and non linear playback.

The background was created with a single camera.
The model was photographed in a studio, creating a facade that the entire project was performed elsewhere.

This level of production can be quite expensive.

Eventually, Mark will offer a permanent set up which is even more cost effective.

The camera array is also 3D ready.
60 cameras is equivalent to 59 stereo pairs
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Some other 360 degree shots