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3D Fashion

Rising 5

All four images submitted to the 2011 Victorian Professional Photography of the Year (VPPY) each received a Silver *.


Talent is photographed utilising Hollywood feature film techniques with multiple cameras and chroma screen.


A conventional 2D is substituted for the background.

This means that principal photography is conducted in studio and the background plate can be anywhere in the world, providing the facade of the entire shoot has been conducted in that location.

This is efficient and cost effective.

Please note that Mark is generally required for this background image image as it has to match the lighting and set up of the main talent shot.


Award winning 3D fashion photography starts with good planning.

Mark has access to great stylists and make up professionals that will create a unique result.

The images to the left are based on a recent fashion exhibition - 'Rising 5'.

Click on the images to find out more.


This project also used 360 degree imagery.






degree video
Behind the scenes video