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Camera Array

New Nikon 24 Mpx 80 Camera Near Real Time System

How it Works

Multiple cameras capture a decisive moment in time from many angles.

When these frames are edited together, the moment appears frozen as we move around it.

Sounds simple, however, it is very complex.
Most camera array systems fail since they do not work as a system.
This requires camera modifications and a high level of post production to bring it all together.
Mark has many testimonials from satisfied customers.

Time Splice is able to provide all levels of production to provide a 'turnkey' solution.

Systems can be part of a circle or full 360 degree coverage.

The image to the right has an application for the fashion industry, however, it can apply to most scenes.
It occupies a full 360 degree of coverage for a fully immersing experience.

This style of imagery resembles '3D modelling' - a technique creating a model of a subject and manipulating it in 3D space.

The big difference is that TimeSplice captures the real world in 3D!