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Camera Array

Mini Array

You need a big budget for a full array, however, you can achieve a great effect with a smaller number of cameras.

Using just a small number of cameras, individual elements can be photographed, time stretched and composited together to yield a '3D like' environment.


Note how there is a perspective change on the individual elements during the 'fly through'.

This separates it from a conventional 'cardboard cut out' 3D camera move that has no perspective change at all and yields a more realistic effect.


The sample to the right uses just 10 cameras.

Each model is photographed separately and a single 2D background plate completed the scene.


This approach is efficient at the time of production since it uses a small number of cameras, and, is efficient in post production since there are less frames to work on.

From the 10 camera frames, 250 frames are created to create a 10 second virtual track.


All elements are photographed against a chroma screen.


Mark provides all services as a turnkey solution, or, you can comp together.


Mark takes on the role of 'supervisor' for this effect as a knowledge of how to shoot and post produce for the effect is necessary.


Cameras are tethered to a computer.
All settings are adjusted globally and after a shot, images are downloaded in order and can be stabilised on the fly with results available within 30 seconds (excludes keying and time stretch).


Rates start from $3k per day for production plus post production.


The mini rig was used on the opening titles of 'Offspring'.