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Camera Array

Partial Camera Array

This type of rig is typically used for television commercials and feature films.


The rig is assembled with an arc of 120 degree or less so that both ends of the rig do not shoot themselves.


Marks' unique 'sectioned rig' is very efficient and flexible.

Up to 60 cameras can be set up and ready to shoot in as little as 2 hours (depends on access and location).

Cameras are pre-configured on a straight section with 6 cameras per section.

Each section is supported with a tripod (in case the ground is uneven).

Almost any shape can be configured - important in tight shooting areas or when there is a change in artistic direction.

All the sections are joined, cameras lined up and parameters set.


After a shot is taken, the camera backs are checked for correct operation.

Reset time between shots is seconds!

After the shoot, camera cards are removed and downloaded with images positionally stabilised - times start from 20 minutes depending on how many takes are performed.

Further post can be performed overnight or the next day.


Images are supplied as a.tff image sequence.


Click here to see this example as used in a tvc.