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Here are a number of comments from very satified local and international clients:


Mark, Wow! This is BLOODY GREAT! The best quality portrait I’ve seen!
Russell Brown Sr. Creative Director Adobe Systems Inc.
(after receiving 16x20 inch print of The Creature in 3D)
Mark has a link to his website from The Russell Brown Show.


Same as Russels...WOW, Bloody Great. and I will add, so smooth.
Ken Conley / Micro Lens Technology


Mark Ruff's multi-camera time-splice system was fantastic to work with and so was he.
Everything went exactly to plan, Marks on-set previews and innovative stabilization and de-flicker programs really helped relax our nervous clients and save thousands in post.
I'll be back for more.

Mark Toia, Founder, director Zoom Film & Television.



The prints made it here today and are INCREDIBLE!
Thank you very much! Two of our board members were here when they arrived and they were extremely impressed.

Stacy Webb / Director 3D Center of Art and Photography / Portland, OR.


I was recently commissioned by the Federal Attorneys Department and Crime Stoppers Victoria to produce
a television and cinema commercial on youth violence.
I had an idea where I need some of my talent to be suspended in time, but was unsure how to achieve this.
Ideas are great, but you need the means to make them happen.
In stepped Mark Ruff and his company TimeSplice. I was seriously taken out of my comfort zone here,
but Mark was able to reassure us with results on the night of our shoot and delivered stabilised and retimed results on schedule and on budget.
Mark was also able to provide a panning time lapse for another Dreampool client being the AFL, and again, it was superb and the client was very impressed.
Love your work!

Bob Grieve / Director / Dreampool

We used this system on our live national tonight show and the results were both spectacular and entertaining. We wanted to have a bit of fun with our host and guests making frozen moments and obviously we didn’t have the time to wait for processing or fix ups etc. Mark was able to turn around our frozen moments in under a minute, making it perfect for our show. His ground breaking technology and can-do attitude make for fast, smooth and hassle free production. If you want to do a frozen moment, Ruffy is the guy.
John Tabbagh Insert Material Producer/Director/Editor ROVELIVE


Mark was fabulous!
This was our first time with 3D lenticular and stereo video and we were a bit anxious.
Mark walked us through the process and delivered on budget and on schedule.
We could not ask for any better.

Lynda Madriaga / Outloud


Dear Mark, Just wanted to write and let you know how thrilled the client (and the agency) were with the results we obtained for our "Crown Lager" television commercial. As you know, the entire idea was dependent on the success of the camera array set up (we were lucky to find you!). And what a great success it has proven to be. I was very impressed not only with the results, but with the professionalism you and your photographic assistants displayed for the duration of the shoot. There were some challenging things asked of you in working with our chosen director and you met the brief beyond our expectations. I hope we will be able to work together in the near future - if we're able to secure your services (you're always so busy!). Nice to be popular though, eh? From all of us on the Crown team here at Patts, and the guys at CUB, thanks again for the help this year. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Julie Rutherford - Head of Television - George Patterson Partners

“So often leading edge technology can lead to the “bleading edge” - and possibly with an expensive fix in post or at worst a reshoot. NOT with Ruffy - He moves fast, his kit works really well - you can see what you're getting and you can walk away with stabilised results the same day. I couldn't reccommend Ruffy & his kit more highly.”
John Bowring ACS, Cinematographer and Managing Director of LEMAC

"Here at Montage, we have been responsible for many frozen moment effects with camera array technology. Ruffy's system was efficient and worked very effectively on our shoot with Poise. The camera system actually produced a true frozen moment with no fix ups required. This enabled us to get on with the job and provide results that were on budget and on time. Ruffy was professional in every regard on set even when called upon to do some things a "bit different". He was up to the challenge and results were available the next day.
Jonathan Berry Montage Productions


"I worked with Mark Ruff in July 2004 whilst making a TVC for Crown Lager (Australian beer brand). I found Mark to be delightful to work with. He displayed a thorough knowledge of the advertising/film industry and was always willing to share this knowledge and expertise with those around him. Mark is extremely hard working and efficient, and ensured that we (the client) were happy every step of the way. We had a five day shoot and at the beginning of each day Mark would always present rough edits from the work done the day prior. This enabled us to build great trust in Mark. He also welcomed feedback and was happy to try alternative shots to ensure that everything was captured. Overall Mark was a great person to work with. As a client we could not have been happier with the finished product. Mark delivered a fabulous TVC and also assited in creating a cooperative and happy working environment. "
Narelle Dobson Carlton and United Beverages Australia


"When I was assigned to ‘Crown Lager’ a television commercial for George Patterson and Partners, I had never worked with any camera array system before. I had always admired the finished technique but had heard behind-the-scenes stories of the time limitations and technical inconsistencies. I hasten to point out though, that NONE of these tales related to MARK RUFF and his unique digital camera array. ‘Crown Lager’ was an ambitious project incorporating sequences of 2-dimensional still photography punctuated by 3-dimensional ‘living stills’ as captured by Marks remarkable camera system. We also had the added pressure of having to set up and shoot 2 or sometimes 3 camera array sequences per day over several days and having to move locations almost every time! Everybody (except Mark) was bracing themselves for a long hard slog. But as the shoot unfolded nothing could have been further from the truth. Mark and his digital camera array were a revelation to all involved with the project, including many crew members who had previously worked with some of Marks competitors. There is no competition! Mark is light years ahead of his peers. Mark was openly collaborative, warmly communicative and highly prepared. His rig was always set up in the right place and in good time. For me, being able to walk along the array and preview the sequence camera by camera, was invaluable and fun, and the reassurance of being able to view a high quality stabilised selected take on the day was an unexpected pleasure for everyone involved, that cannot be overstated. The results that Mark achieved and the way he achieved them were nothing short of breathtaking. They stand as a testament to Mark’s fine technical skills and his extraordinary cutting-edge digital camera system. I hope to work with him again and wish him well in the future."
Graeme Wood - Cinematographer - Little Pictures Pty Ltd

"We were so excited by the New Generation Collection Show results (Mercedes Fashion Week) - the show was AMAZING. Your work really added another element to the catwalk shows! We look forward to working with you again in the near future!"
Linda Rychter Red Bull Communications Australia

“As a Director of Photography I work closely with anyone who is part of the image making process. Mark has been able to provide clients with a breakthrough system that I know of no one else to provide. The system is very quick and efficient relative to other systems in the world. My clients are very demanding of results and Mark has been able to provide these every time with no problems. It was great to see results instantly and it took the pressure off us knowing that we had the shots in the can. I would be more than happy to recommend Mark. Please contact me with anyquestions you may have.” Karl von Moller - Director of Photography - Artisan Films

"This was our first experience with a camera array and frozen moment technology. Ruffy's system worked flawlessly for the duration of our 6 day production. The shooting schedule was kept and no technical problems arose. Ruffy was one of the team and we all got on very well together. Expectations were high and they were met."
Leah Churchill Brown - Producer / CEO - Doll

“Camera array technology can be a pain to work with and we were expecting a monumental task ahead of us. It was totally the opposite. We were on set during the day and were surprised to see such an efficient operation. It was encouraging to see images on the backs of the cameras and we knew that at least all the cameras were working. That night, Ruffy compiled all the shots and output to our hard drive. The client and I could see some selected takes the next day. We worked on all the shots during the day and the client saw everything that night - sometimes 60 plus shots. Ruffy was able to provide us with so much - it really made our job so much easier than expected.”
Tim Dyroff - Resolution Design