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Time Lapse

How It Works

Time Lapse is very simple to execute with a still camera, however, a more compelling experience is to use a track and robotic pan and tilt head.


Such an image can be seen to the right using a pan head.

Note the transition from day to night with a variation in cloud cover - very smooth!


Capture is one thing, making it look good is another.

Mark uses his extensive post production knowledge and techniques to provide a turnkey solution.

Most photographers have difficulty with 'flicker' -this is no problem for Mark.


This shot was taken at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) before a major football finals game in 2010.

It was used as a background plate to a corporate shoot.



Mark was able to successfully produce a very complex time lapse at the Space Needle in Seattle, USA. Mark used 12 cameras, one for each face of the structure, to make a compelling interactive journey spatially and temporally for at the visitors center

This 360 degree, hdr, panoramic approach has never been replicated since.
12 camera frames were stitched together for each frame and minute over a 24 hour period.
Mark used sophisticated tracking algorithms to stitch the frames together as the difference in night and day saw the height of the Space Needle grow and shrink over time.
A total of 1560 panorama.
Pics to the right show a Mac mini set up - this was shot in the days when the largest CF card was 256 MB and not possible to capture all the files necessary on a card.

Mark is a visual entrepreneur providing visual solutions that no one else can.

Time Lapse can be used to promote Real Estate as well, providing a unique view that cannot be represented with a single still image or conventional video.